Keep Advancing Your Career

It is important to keep learning.  At every step, think about how to expand your skills.  You’ll impress employers.  You’ll also feel more confident. 

Expand your skills while in school.
Getting good grades is not enough to impress most employers.  Get involved in activities to expand your skills.  When you graduate, you'll be better prepared to look for jobs. 

  • Look into school and professional groups.
  • Connect your assignments to your career. 
  • Get experience.  Participate in career activities.  Your school’s career center may have ideas for you to get experience.  Ask about where you can be an intern or volunteer.
  • Update your career plan with these things. 

Expand your skills while you are working.
Learn about the gaps in your skills, knowledge, or credentials. 

  • Talk with your supervisor about how to expand your skills.
  • Request projects that challenge you and improve your skills.
  • Join a professional or trade group.  Learn more about networking opportunities in Build Your Network
  • Get a mentor, or seek advice from experienced workers in your field.
  • Stay current with the technology used in your field.
  • Take professional development trainings offered at your job.
  • Update your career plan with these things.

Stay current in your field.
All workers should look at their skills and improve them.

  • Explore the job market to learn about trends that affect your field.  You can find information about this using the resources on Find Career Information
  • Learn from others working in your field through networking.  Learn about networking in Build Your Network.
  • Use online professional networks such as LinkedIn to learn about trends and meet people in your field.  Find out more about online networking on Connect with People Online.
  • Go to LinkedIn to register. You can learn about trends and meet people in your field.
  • Update your career plan with these things.

GCF Learn Free

GCF Learn Free is a completely free internet tool aimed at expanding your skills in various domains. You can practice your reading and math skills, as well as your Microsoft Office skills, or just learn about everyday life. The website is inclusive to all levels of computer users: if you are unsure on how to turn on your computer or if you are learning advanced Photoshop, GCF can provide you with the information you need. GCF’s chapters provide text and images to help you advance your skills, as well as videos if you are looking for a more interactive learning experience. For some hands-on experience, look for the challenge at the end of every chapter.

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